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Noma is the best restaurant in the world, again

Instagram’s weight-centric algorithm is especially harmful to teen girls’ health and self-image, documents show

Climate change hurts the livelihoods and mental health of farmers

Less rain, more rain, and pests mean fewer pumpkins this year

Who needs a carton of oat milk delivered in less than 15 minutes?

Instacart grocery delivery orders soared amid the pandemic, but workers say their wages have tanked

The Counter is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom investigating the forces shaping how and what America eats.

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In lawsuit over stranded pollock, judge denies seafood harvester temporary relief

This is what trauma-informed hunger relief looks like

Kimbal Musk’s school gardening nonprofit lays off entire unionizing workforce

Why’s it taken so long for foreign-language characters and words to make it into English cookbooks?


  • 1 Covid-19
  • 2 What is regenerative agriculture?

Covering a global pandemic through the lens of food.

Biden administration announces $600 aid payments to meatpacking and farm workers

Colleges rush to sign students up for food stamps, as pandemic rules expand eligibility

OSHA reverses course, urges universal masking for restaurants, meat processing plants, and other indoor workplaces

Everyone’s talking about regenerative ag, an approach to food production that seeks to improve the land rather than degrade it—but also has no universal definition. This series helps put a movement into context, explaining its goals, limitations, and potential to be co-opted.

Regenerative agriculture needs a reckoning

When a Big Ag conglomerate buys an iconic niche meat company, who has to change?

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Regenerative agriculture could save soil, water, and the climate. Here’s how the U.S. government actively discourages it.

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We need your help. This kind of in-depth journalism is expensive to produce. But we believe—now more than ever—that quality, fact-based reporting is critical to a healthy democracy.

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Rewrites: our new series about people who have redefined their future—and believe that a life in food is still possible, still gratifying, no matter how unexpected it is.

Old jobs, new jobs: Rewriting a future in food

“I’m not playing any of this, ‘The customer is always right’”

“I call it seed to stage”: At world-renowned dance space Jacob’s Pillow, choreographer Adam Weinert is teaching his dancers to farm

The Clog Days Are Over

Virtually Clog-Free Performance

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